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Do you wish to deepen your practice? Sign up for an online class.

Swami Kandalayananda provides a distance education program for yoga students across the world. These classes help students grow, expand, and move towards ever greater wisdom in their lives and yoga practice.

If you wish to...
  • Learn how to set up your own meditation practice
  • Apply the messages of the Bhagavad Gita to your own life
  • Examine the wisdom and teachings of the yoga sutras
  • Find out about your dharma and how to live with meaning
  • Work with your karma and live more harmouniously
  • Incorporate the yamas and niyamas into your life
  • Live more simply
  • Create more happiness for yourself and others
 then these classes are for you!

Cost = All online classes are only $39.
Register Now to Reserve Your Seat. I can only take a limited amount of students and classes close quickly!

Class List for Spring 2015

Taking the Inner Journey - January
In this class, you will learn about the 5 components of a meditation practice and how to set up your own home practice. We will be covering preparing for meditation, creating a sacred space, incorporating the blessing, finding the perfect focusing technique, and the closing of the meditation.

The Bhavagad Gita - February
In this class, you will gain ancient wisdom as you take a journey through the Gita. Learn more about how this sacred song applies to your life and discover your own sacred song. The Gita presents a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna that can help you wake up and live more harmoniously.

The Yoga Sutras - March
In this class, you will study some of the sacred teachings compiled by Patanjali. These teachings tell us how to live our lives joyfully and illumine the path of wisdom. Join the class to learn several techniques that will help you move towards greater happiness and contentment.

Karma and Dharma - April
In this class, you will learn the difference between karma and dharma. There are many layers of meaning to explore. You will learn how karma and dharma work together to give meaning to your life. We will investigate the purpose of life and more specifically the purpose of your life.

The Upanishads - May
In this class, you will learn about the relationship between the Atma (self) and the Brahman (absolute reality). Discover what ancient mystics want you to know about life, about your life, and about how to live with bliss. Gaining a better understanding of the Upanishads will help you destroy the bonds of ignorance and live with ever greater freedom.

Important Registration Information
In order to be added to the class, you will need a gmail account.
You will not receive access to the class until the weekend before it begins.
Instructions on how to begin your class will be sent to your gmail account.

Please email Swami K (Karen Forrester) if you have any questions about the online class.

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