Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 5 - Major Life Events

Daily Reflection
If you have come to this post on Day 5, go back and take a look at Day 1 first and work your way up to this day. We are going to be spending the next 5 days reflecting on the major events of our lives. This is going to take some time and is a practice you may want to continue because it will give you many details about who you are, how you handle things, what the patterns are in your life, what your strengths are, what your challenges are, etc. This practice can be very helpful to you, particularly if you have questions about yourself, your life, what you want to do next, what your problem areas are, etc.

In your journal you have been exploring each of your life events. Please continue this process today.

Make your way through as many of these as possible and continue this process for as long as you wish. You may want to go back to it at various point in your life. Think about what you discovered about yourself this week. What you found challenging, where your strengths lie, what events really affected who you are today.

Swami K