Monday, July 28, 2014

Fear is Greater Than the Reality

Daily Reflection
Every day we live with our own fear. There are so many things that are out of our control that we feel fearful. We can be afraid of failure, afraid of success, afraid our partner will leave, afraid our partner will stay, afraid someone we love will die, afraid to work on our goals, afraid to question, the list goes on and is as unique as each individual. However, we should be aware that our fears often go unrealized. Those things we fear, those things we worry about never happen. We cause fear within ourselves and the fear is often greater than what actually happens. We can let go of this tendency towards fear by not focusing on the past, not focusing on the future, but instead, focusing on the present moment.

In your journal today reflect on what you fear. Ask yourself why you fear those things. What happened in your life, perhaps in a past experience that led to the fear? How many of the things you fear have actually come true? Would you agree with the statement that fear is often greater than the reality?

Swami K