Monday, January 20, 2014

The Three Levels of Thinking

We will be kicking off our new year with a focus on service work. If you live in the area and wish to join us for service oriented projects throughout the year, please join Our next event, helping out at Flamingo Festival, will take place on January 25th. For more events, please check out the events page.

Starting in February there will be a weekly audio meditation and teaching available for a $5 donation. A portion of the donation will go towards a different charity organization each week. Funds raised and donated will be tracked on our giving back page.

Daily Reflections
In philosophy and also in yoga, there are three levels of thinking. Experience, Interpretation, and Analysis. The first level is experience and it is here that we just describe the event or emotion that we are experiencing. The second level is interpretation and this happens when we begin to try to understand what we have just experienced. The third level is analysis. Analysis asks us to look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture. In yoga, particularly in this blog, we are analyzing ourselves. We are going beyond our own experience of something and we are questioning ourselves and our assumptions. In analysis, we have the opportunity to look beyond our own worldview and examine other worldviews. Analysis is essential if you want to grow along the spiritual path. Today, I want you to take a recent experience that you have had and write it down. Then, I want you to begin to interpret it. Try to make sense of the experience. Finally, you should analyze it. Think about how other people have experienced the same thing. Try to critically analyze your own view of the experience.

Swami K