Monday, September 22, 2014

Connecting to Your Heart

Daily Reflection
Sometimes it is difficult to hear what our hearts want because our minds are so busy talking to us. Today, I want you to get in touch with and connect more with your heart. The first step will be to do a short meditation in order to quiet our thoughts. Sit in a comfortable position and begin breathing deeply connecting with your breath. Watch your thoughts flow in and out of your mind. Stay distant from the thoughts. Do not engage with the thoughts flowing through your mind. Instead, just return to your breath. Breathing in and out gently, connect with your breath. Do this practice for 5-10 minutes.

Now that you are feeling more relaxed and centered focus your energy in your heart's center. Tune in to this energy and listen. What is your heart trying to tell you? What does it long for? What would it like you to do?

Reflect on these questions and answer them in your journal. What new things did you discover about what your heart wants as opposed to what your head wants? Begin to listen to your heart more and put your heart's desires into practice.

Swami K