Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 2 - The Venus or Heart Chakra

Daily Reflection
This week we will be discussing 5 of the Chakras and the goal of each Chakra. Each chakra has a message for our learning.

Today's reflection will be centered on the Venus or Heart Chakra. Traditionally, this chakra relates to our ability to release our emotional pain and live our lives centered on love, compassion, and caring - both for ourselves and others.

In your journal today reflect on and write about your relationship with your heart chakra. What painful experiences are you still holding on to? Is there anyone you need to forgive? Is it easy or difficult for you to love? Act compassionately? Be caring towards yourself and others?

One good asana to help you balance your Venus Chakra is child's pose. Try to work this into your practice today.

Swami K