Shanti and welcome to the Yogi Wisdom Spiritual Center. I hope you will find a home here with us.

The Yogi Wisdom Spiritual Center exists so that we can awaken to our life's song and sing most harmoniously and compassionately. At the Center we study and practice the 8 limbs of yoga.

Our Mission - to help each person achieve happiness, peace, joy and contentment

Our Principles
1. Everyone is inherently good, worthy, and should be treated with dignity and respect
2. Each of us have the right to sing our life's song while we walk with each other through this lifetime and we accept that this song can be expressed in as many ways as there are people. No one way is the right way. We can discover and live our songs in many ways.
3. All life songs are positive, harmonious, compassionate and non-harming to ourselves and others as well as to animals and all life forms
4. Our lives should be centered on love, peace, understanding, compassion, harmony and right action
5. We practice daily to learn, grow and nurture ourselves so that we may bring this out into the world into our relationships with others and into what we manifest

Our Practices - the 8 Limbs of Yoga
1. Yama - restraints
2. Niyama - observances
3. Asana - physical postures
4. Pranayama - the breath / life energy
5. Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses
6. Dharana - concentration
7. Dhyana - meditation
8. Samadhi - oneness

Our Practice of the 8 Limbs of Yoga helps to bring us to Compassionate Action or the manifestation of our life's song. In other words, one should strive to find one's life purpose and manifest that purpose in a way that supports one's own life and also the lives of others. While thinking and reflecting is important we must also do something valuable. We must take action. The actions you take to make our world better are of your own choosing. Please also note that your life's purpose may change over time. You may have more than one thing to make manifest.

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