Saturday, December 14, 2013

Your Highest Value

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Perhaps one of the most important parts of a strong spiritual practice is the practice of tarka or reflective journaling. Reflection upon your inner and outer life is essential if you wish to progress along the path. These reflections on your life can help you see your mind more clearly. Your relationship to yourself, the world, and others is revealed in each journal entry. We can sometimes be blinded by our own beliefs or trapped in a cycle of thinking that is unhealthy for us.

Tarka can help us to illumine the way before us, discard old beliefs, and change our attitudes and ways of thinking.

This blog is designed to help you reflect upon your life and examine your mind so that you may travel the path of enlightenment with greater ease and harmony.

Set aside a little time each day to write in your journal and respond to the prompts in the blog.

The benefits of a strong tarka practice will reveal themselves over time, particularly if you take some time out each month and reread what you have written in your journal. You will find patterns in your life and your examination of these patterns will help you make the changes in your life that you are striving for. The wisdom you gain will help you live the life you seek.

Daily Reflection and Journaling Prompt
In a few short weeks, the new year will be upon us and most of us will begin working fervently towards a new goal. Most of us will lose interest in that goal in 1-2 weeks and give up. One reason that many people lose interest so quickly is because the goals people set for themselves are not aligned with their highest value. Take some time today to reflect on your highest value. Some examples might be - your spouse, your kids, family, community, church, work, health, finances, etc. Once you have identified your highest value set your goals with that value in mind.

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