Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 34 - It's A New Day

Today's Tarka Practice
The great thing about waking up every morning is that you get to start all over again. Any feelings from a previous day can be set aside and you have the chance to have a better day than the day before. If you made some mistakes you wish you hadn't made, if you had a bad day or wish you had responded differently to a friend or family member, you have the opportunity to do that today, right now, in this moment.

The beauty of being able to begin again is that you can change your thoughts, your attitude, and your life. Even if yesterday did not go as planned, you get a fresh start today. Let go of yesterday and focus on the day you wish to create today.

For today's tarka, take a piece of paper and tear it into small pieces. Write the disappointments of yesterday on these small pieces of paper. Fill a bowl with water and place the pieces of paper in the water. Watch the ink fade from the paper. As the ink fades, let go of all of those disappointments.

Go back to your journal and design your day. Write down how you would like your day to look today. If you were creating your ideal day, what would it be?


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