Friday, January 3, 2014

Do Your Choices Limit You?

We will be kicking off our new year with a focus on service work. If you live in the area and wish to join us for service oriented projects throughout the year, please join Our first event, a meet and greet, will take place on January 8th. For more events, please check out the events page.

Starting in February there will be a weekly audio meditation and teaching available for a $5 donation. A portion of the donation will go towards a different charity organization each week. Funds raised and donated will be tracked on our giving back page.

Daily Reflection
Today, we will reflect on whether or not our choices limit us or nurture us. Take out your journal and do some freewriting. Record 10 choices you have made in the last month. They can be small choices, like what you had for breakfast, or they can be bigger choices like that brand new red car sitting in your driveway. After each choice write down whether or not your choice limited you in some way or nurtured you. Your journal should look like this:

I practiced yoga 3 times this week - nurtured me
I volunteered to help with the Valentines party in my child's classroom even though I didn't want to - limited me

Keep going and see if you can find a pattern. Do you make more choices that limit you or more choices that nurture you? Your goal this year should be to make more choices in your life that nurture you.

Swami K

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